Stop the hate speech, Sikota counsels politicians



POLITICIANS are doing the country more harm than good with their bitter political utterances, says freedom fighter and veteran politician Sikota Wina.

Mr Wina advised politicians to choose to talk about things that would help in the country’s development and seek ways of ensuring that peace and unity prevail.

Mr Wina charged that politicians were doing the country more harm than good.

He told the Daily Nation in an interview that the bitter utterances spewed out by some politicians when discussing issues were likely to divide the country.

He stressed that there was need for such politicians to have the nation at heart and avoid divisive statements, adding that such utterances were not leaving good legacies for the future generations.

Mr Wina has since advised politicians to talk about things that would help in the country’s development.

He urged them to be sensitive in their speeches, saying that sometimes what they say does not contribute to the development of the nation.“In Zambia today everything is politicised and if we don’t take time, our country will remain underdeveloped.

“Let us focus on issue-based arguments other than negative utterances that would continue to divide us as a country instead of bringing peace, togetherness and unity for the development of the country.

“We need change, political leaders should be sensitive in what they say because people follow whatever they say, so they should talk things that have a positive impact on the mind and development of the country,” Mr Wina said. And Mr Wina has also advised politicians to strive to create a supplementary career to prevent disappointment in the event that they lose elections.

He outlined that the heartbreak associated with losing elections, when a politician had no other job, leads to chaos.

According to him, having another career, apart from politics, would prevent politicians from using all means to get into power.

Mr Wina added that such arrangements would also prevent the violence associated with losing elections and would enhance peace in the country.

“If I were a career person, for example, as a journalist before going into politics, then winning or losing will not be a do-or-die affair because I can always fall back on the profession for which I have been trained. But people leave school and go into politics, and if they don’t win then it means their world will come crashing.” Mr Wina said.

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