PF accuse UPND of planning to launch “Cholera Committee”

Sunday Chanda - PF media Director

Sunday Chanda – PF media Director

The ruling PF has maintained that the opposition UPND is not letting go of its agenda to politicize the Cholera outbreak.

In a statement issued to QFM News, the ruling party has claimed that the opposition UPND now plans to launch a “Cholera Committee” when it is public knowledge that Government is coordinating responses in conjunction with other co-operating partners as part of a multi-pronged and multi-sectoral strategy.

PF Media Director Sunday Chanda says the UPND Cholera Committee and its proposed actions are schemes by the Opposition party to politicize the Cholera outbreak and “water-down” Government led multi-sectoral strategies.

Mr. Chanda says the PF government is alive to the fact that all diseases have a biological and a social aspect to it saying this is the reason why President Lungu stated while visiting Heroes stadium that “government continues to work towards efforts to provide safe drinking water to all Zambians everywhere”.

He says it is these efforts which UPND must commend and support if they are truly a genuine party which cares about the welfare of the masses in Zambia.

The PF Media Director also states that the UPND leadership must also be ashamed and apologize to the Zambian people for allowing their symbol-raising and sloganeering cadres to disrupt public peace on a matter that affects everyone irrespective of their political affiliation.

He says Zambians must remind the UPND that the Country cannot prioritize cheap politics over public health.


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