East minister raps cowards

EASTERN Province Minister Makebi Zulu has said only ministers who had failed to perform resigned and that he would not do so because he was committed to the vision of the PF government.

He has challenged those accusing Government officials of being corrupt to bring evidence and mention people that are involved in corrupt activities.

Mr Zulu says this is the only way that the corruption allegations by former ministers who failed to perform can be proved.

He charged that ministers who resigned from government failed to perform according to the people’s expectations.

Speaking in an interview yesterday, Mr Zulu said ministers that resigned failed to perform and should not mislead the people by saying

that there is corruption in government.

He said it is surprising that some former ministers are accusing government officials of being corrupt but are clinging on to the

PF party which is running the affairs of government.

Mr Zulu said serving ministers have the mandate to deliver to see to it that what they promised the people during campaigns through the party manifesto is fulfilled.

“The moment one feels they are incapable of delivering to the expectations of the Zambian people who gave them a mandate based on

the manifesto, they can go ahead and resign. But for us who are willing and are carrying the vision of the party, we will run with the

vision and see to it that we implement what we promised the people through the manifesto’’ Mr Zulu said.

He said he has no intensions of resigning as provincial minister based on mere allegations of corruption.

Mr Zulu said Government will not be frustrated with mere corruption allegations but will make sure it delivers to the people’s expectations. – ZANIS.

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