A 91 year old Chipata woman killed by her grandson

Esther Katongo

Esther Katongo

A 91 year old woman of Chipata District in Eastern Province has been murdered by her 24 year old grandson for unknown reasons.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo has confirmed the development to QTV News that the suspect is alleged to have hit the victim with an axe handle on the head and she sustained a deep cut.

Ms Katongo has since identified the victim as Tivalenji Banda while the suspect is identified as Penius Banda.

She says the incidence happened on Thursday at about 08:00 hours at Kampale Village in Chief Mafuta’s chiefdom.

Ms Katongo explains that the victim who was staying with her daughter Anna Banda was left under the care of a 12 years old female juvenile who is a great granddaughter of the victim.

She says the female juvenile went to the neighbor’s house after the suspect who was away from home returned and that whilst at the neighbor, she heard the victim crying for help and when she rushed back to see what had happened, she met the suspect on the door way running away.

The Police Spokesperson narrates that when the female juvenile entered the house, she found the victim lying in a pool of blood with a deep cut on the head.

Ms Katongo states that the suspect was later apprehended by members of the neighborhood watch and is detained in police custody while the body of the deceased is in Chipata Central Hospital Mortuary.


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