Zambians deserve better checks and balances from opposition – PF

PF Media Director Sunday Chanda

PF Media Director Sunday Chanda

The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) says the people of Zambia deserve quality checks and balances from the opposition political parties.

PF Media Director Sunday Chanda says the party believes that the opposition in the country can still provide checks and balances to the government without engaging in character assassination, foul language and insults.

Mr. Chanda notes that in their efforts to upgrade and appear relevant, some opposition leaders have embraced foulmouthed and uncultured type of politics, wrongly believing that belittling leaders in government was a hallmark of creating impact.

Mr. Chanda tells QTV News that the objective behind such kind of politics by the opposition is to attempt to generate hatred and anger against the Patriotic Front Government led by President Edgar Lungu.

He states that part of this scheme is for the opposition to unleash unsubstantiated allegations on the unsuspecting public.

Mr. Chanda says it is evident from the side of the Patriotic Front that Zambians deserve better from the Opposition.


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