UPND organised Kanyama riot-PF

PF Media Director Sunday Chanda

PF Media Director Sunday Chanda

The ruling  Patriotic Front (PF) has accused the United Party for National Development (UPND) of organizing the Kanyama riot.

Party media director Sunday Chanda says  protests were politically engineered by UPND in their quest to politicize the Cholera outbreak.

He says  UPND cadres chanting their Party slogans took to the streets in Kanyama, burnt tyres and threatened public peace.

He says such politics are  obnoxious and against the acceptable standards decent  politics.

He says Zambia does not need a political party that is ready to place lives of innocent supporters in harm’s way just to make a statement.

Mr. Chanda has since  commended  the Zambia Police for exhibiting maximum restraint in Kanyama after the politically staged-managed protests.

He has further called on  Zambians to condemn UPND’s politicization of the Cholera outbreak.

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