KYSA back to FAZ premier division

KABWE Youth Sports Academy (KYSA) has gone back on it’s earlier position of playing in the FAZ  Premier Division with the  family of late chairman Evans Mutangama saying they will take up their premier position.
According to a statement issued by Shimpano Mutangama on behalf of the family, KYSA would not pass the opportunity to play top flight football.
The statement said, however, that the club remained open to a sponsorship partnership and any strategic partnership that will enable the realisation of the club’s premier status.
He said the family remained set on the objectives to motivate the current crop of young players who have put in their best to reach the highest limit in the league.
“The current state of affairs is that KYSA will play in the Premier League. Currently, KYSA is undergoing organisational restructuring following the demise of the late owner Mr Evans Mutangama. The affairs of the Club are now being handled by the Family and no one else.”
“Once the restructuring process is over, the holders of various portfolios in the club will be announced publicly. This is not the time to demotivate the boys …This is the official family position, and the same will be tabled with FAZ,” the statement said.
A day earlier, club Secretary Victor Mupeta and president Frank Miti told the Times that the club would pass the right to play premier football this year due to financial limitations and that it was against the objectives why club was set up.
Earlier in the day, FAZ through General Secretary Ponga Liwewe expressed shock at the move to pass the premier status and that the association will not commit itself to any position until it received official notification from the club writes ADRIAN MWANZA.
“At the moment that’s news to me and as FAZ, we cannot act unless we see the reasons for their action,” he said.
KYSA said they were a school and not a professional side to compete against the likes of Zesco and Zanaco.
Liwewe described the situation as strange and called for caution in handling the case.
Mupeta said the club was waiting to meet the family of the late chairman Evans Mutangama before writing FAZ.
“Yes I can confirm that we have not officially communicated to FAZ but the process is underway and as soon as we finish, we are going to do likewise,” he said.

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