Kamwala shop owners must waiver January rentals with no conditions – Kapoma

David Kapoma

David Kapoma

Governance Activist David Kapoma has proposed that Kamwala shop owners must waiver the January rentals with no conditions.

Mr. Kapoma says while the cleanup is still on, he is urging the government to instruct all landlords for the affected traders to waiver the January rentals with no conditions.

He says the traders are already spending money on painting of the shops, an exercise that will add value to the beauty of the city.

Mr. Kapoma is also calling on government to ensure that all shops have running water or equivalent provision for safe drinking water in every shop.

He says Landlords must stop charging rentals in dollars and ensure there is standard charge for rentals based if dimensions of each particular shops.

Mr. Kapoma says it is sad to note that landlords in Kamwala are already putting pressure on their tenants for January rentals.

He notes that since the shutdown of business in the CBD, all shop owners in Kamwala and some from town have not been trading resulting in loss of business.


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