Footballers union admitted to FIFPro

THE Zambian footballers union (FAWUZ) has been admitted as a member of International Federation of Footballers Professionals (FIFPro).
The membership of FAWUZ, a non-government organisation formed to look into footballers’ plight in the country, was ratified at the Annual World FIFPro Congress that took place in Cairo, Egypt recently.
FAWUZ General Secretary Linos Chalwe, who represented the association at the Congress, disclosed the development in a statement issued yesterday.
Chalwe said his union hoped that the same level and spirit of cooperation exhibited by the mother bodies can be replicated by FAZ towards his union as well as other stakeholders in the country for the best interests of the sport.
Chalwe said the FAWUZ became only the first African country to be admitted as a member.
He said one of the major resolutions of the Congress was the approval of the universal declaration of players’ rights.
He said the declaration of players’ rights contained among others, the right to choose a club, protection of minors, rights to negotiate terms of conditions, rights to join union, rights to fair remuneration for their labour and rights to freedom of opinion and expression.
FIFPRO has been working closely with FIFA and CAF to ensure that footballer’s interests, who are the face of the game, are taken care of.
Last year, FIFA and FIFPRO signed a wide-ranging six-year cooperation agreement to strengthen relationships between the two organisations and improve the governance of professional football worldwide.
Chalwe said at the time of signing, the heads of the two bodies were pleased with the new cooperation.
Chalwe said FIFA President Gianni Infantino was pleased by the signing of the cooperation which he described as an important milestone that was aimed at improving the global governance of football.
“I have witnessed unprecedented cooperation between FIFA, FIFPro, the European Club Association and the World Leagues Form,” Infantino was quoted saying.
FIFPRO President, Philipe Piat also welcomed the development by adding that FIFPro was pleased with the new spirit of cooperation shown by FIFA and its willingness to listen to the concerns of players.

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