Zambian Woman Tells court She Doesn’t Know the Father Of Her Child Because She Slept With Her Hubby And Her Lover At Nearly The Same Time

WHEN a 24-year-old woman fails to tell the court who the father of her son is as two men claim they fathered the boy, it throws the woman into a fix that only science can solve.


Jane Shasuluma of Lusaka’s Matero had a difficult time in her testimony to tell a local court who the father of her son is between the husband and her lover.

Her case becomes complicated because, according to her evidence before magistrates Miyanda Banda, Pauline Newa and Ronnie Shamfwesa, Jane slept with the husband and her lover in April 2016 and therefore cannot tell who the father of her child is.

She was testifying in a case in which her husband has sued her and her lover. Salim Mwewa 27, a worker at Shalom Bus Company and also of Matero.

Shasuluma’s husband Daniel Kasalaba 28 of Lilanda, a sales and marketing officer at Zambia Airports Corporations Limited, is seeking paternity of the child.

“In April 2016, I slept with Daniel the first day and Mwewa on the second Day, I do not know who the father of the child is,” She told the Matero Local Court.

Facts before the court were that in 2016, Shasuluma’s parents charged Kasalaba K10, 000 for damage and K7, 000 for dowry. He made part payments of K2000, on each charge.

Kasalaba told the court that when he was studying at the Univerty of Zambia where he spent most of his four years of study, his wife visited him and he also visited her.

“But later I started hearing rumours that she was living with Mwewa. I even confronted her but she refused. Later I found her sweeping at Mwewa’s house but she said he was her cousin. Kasalaba said.

He testified that Shasuluma confessed to him later saying Mwewa had been bothering him for sometime and even took her for a movie and drink after which he slept with her.


Mwewa in his evidence, also claimed that Shasuluma is his wife and that he is the father of the child.

He told the court that he had been living with Shasaluma for the past 5 years.

The court heard that when he went to work in Livingstone last year, he was shocked when he received a phone call that his wife was seen in George clinic Maternity with another man.

When I came back from Livingstone, I found her with a tin containing soil in which she was spitting saliva and when I enquired, she said she was pregnant with my child,” he said.

Mwewa told the court that Shasuluma only left the house when she went to her parents to deliver.

In their submissions all the three parties agree there was need for a DNA test to ascertain the father of the child. The court adjourned the case pending the outcome of the DNA test.

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