No Record of FORGED 2,800 Hectares LAND SALE


RECORDS at Kalumbila town council have shown that the sale of the 2,800 hectares land to a named investor in Chief Mumena’s chiefdom by some members of the Royal Establishment without the consent of the traditional leader did not pass through the full council.

According to the Kalumbila Council chairman Olix Kakwata, the issue has never been brought before the full council for approval.

Mr Kakwata told the daily nation in an interview that from the time Kalumbila was declared a council everything to do with land in that district was handled over to the council but at no time was the piece of land in question tabled before the council.

‘’Am not aware of that size of land and if at all they have minutes purported to be from Kalumbila council, then I don’t know how the people at the centre of the controversy  came up with those minutes. ’’ If anything we cannot even approve that, it is too much,’’ Mr Kakwata said.

He said according to the land law, traditional leaders can only issue about 250 hectares of land.

He wondered people took advantage of the situation and issued land without the traditional leader’s consent.

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