Zambian leader facing a revote, says Nigerian Prophet who prophesied his victory in 2016

President Lungu


Nigerian Prophet Isaac Amata who in 2016 prophesied President Edgar Lungu’s victory during elections now says the Zambian leader is facing a huge discontent from the grassroots who voted for him.

Prophet Amata says during prayers in the mountain a few days ago he saw too much discontent from the grassroots and that a number of people working with President Lungu were not with him but just deceiving him.
“God does nothing except he reveals first to his servants the prophets”(Amos 3:7) 3 days ago on the prayer mountain in Lagos, Nigeria… January 6,2018 God gave me an urgent message to the president of Zambia Edgar Lungu about hidden snakes assigned to undermine God’s assignment for him as regards Zambia! THE MESSAGE IS URGENT AND TIMELY! There are green snakes hidden in your administration undermining your good efforts.
The Nigerian Prophet whose prophecy was rubbished when he said Lungu would win the elections says the Zambian leader needs to act before it is too late.
“The fire l saw in March 2017 that led to formation of NDC could have been adverted if dialogue and negotiations with compromises for good of grassroots was reached! The grassroots which is the people of Zambia must be returned back to fast! There is much discontentment l see in the grassroots building up gradually! I SAY RETURN BACK TO THE GRASSROOTS!”

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