PF MP shocks MMD

Second from left, Ngulube

MMD National Treasurer Chris Banda has expressed shock and disappointment at utterances by PF Kabwe central member of Parliament Tutwa Ngulube who accused the former ruling party of working against government.

Ngulube on Monday during Prime TV’s Oxygen of Democracy accused the MMD of being the ruling party’s greatest enemy.

Ngulube also said the former ruling MMD National Secretary was in Kabwe a few weeks ago mobilising the party and promised to field a candidate against the PF in 2021 General elections.

But Banda called the allegation funny and called on Ngulube to direct his frustrations away from the MMD.

“I would love to advise my brother Hon Ngulube to direct his frustrations  else where, MMD has been a very loyal partner in this alliance, we have no time to start exchanging sentiments with an individual who obviously has his own personal issues with his party”

Banda said Ngulube’s  issues were obvious and had nothing to do with the MMD but his failure to get into Cabinet.

He said his efforts to bring the MMD into his frustrations is aimed at creating discontent within his party adding that the Kabwe law maker was not preview to any working relationship arrengment between the two parties.

“We won’t engage in any exchange of words with Hon Ngulube because as far as we are concerned he was not there when negotiations for this alliance where taking place, so if he isn’t satisfied with the happenings in the alliance he should address his issues with his party leadership and not run to the media daily.”

Banda further wondered whether Hon Ngulube had any loyalty to his party and its President as the stance he has taken seems to be disruptive.

He said the mature way of sorting out challenges in the family should be away from the public as opposed to washing dirty linen in public.

“We as MMD have faith in the leadership of President Lungu and that is why we collectively decided to work with him and his Patriotic Front government, not for our personal gain but for the betterment of all Zambians.

“We urge Hon Ngulube to exhibit maturity in his politics and not use emotions, we know that he currently has one leg in the PF and another else where but trying to use us as a scape goat will not help,” Banda said.

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