Mushanga fumes at Makululu health workers




CENTRAL Province Minister Sydney Mushanga has warned health workers in the region against conducting under-five clinics in filthy environments to avoid exposing children to diseases.
Mr Mushanga expressed anger on health workers in Zambezi Ward in Makululu Township in Kabwe when he found them conducting under-five clinic services in an open space surrounded by dirty rainy water on his way to a meeting in the same area.
He said that it was disappointing that the health workers were carrying out the services in an unconducive environment when there was a structure that could accommodate them within a stone throw.
Mr Mushanga said health workers should not expose innocent children and their mother to unhealthy environments.
He said the move by the health workers had the potential to tarnish Government’s image in the eyes of the public.
“But you people here, I am very surprised that you are conducting under-five clinic in this place, there is plenty of water; it is a risk to the health of not only children but also you as parents,” Mr Mushanga said.
He said he would be vigilant and would not allow health workers in the province to expose their clients to unconducive environments.
“So next time when I find this I will cancel the exercise and always ensure that where the exercise is taking place, there must be even desks and seats because people cannot be standing the whole day,” he said.
But Zambezi Ward Councilor Moses Mulenga defended the health workers saying they would have used the usual public hall for the under-five clinic exercise but had to pave way for the Minister to conduct his meeting which collided with the exercise.
“This is the first time my health workers are doing this because the only building we have is where the Honorable Minister is conducting the meeting today,” he said.

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