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When a person commits an offence, the particular individual is arrested by the police officer and detained in the police cells.

Depending on the crime committed, the suspect can either be granted a police bond or not. According to the Zambian laws, the suspect should not be detained in the cells for more than 48 hours.

The suspect should either be transferred to the remand prison or released on police bond, after meeting the bond conditions.

The condition for one to be granted the police bond is that the suspect should provide two working sureties. These people should be in formal employment, working either in the Government institution or any reputable private company. They should present to the police authorisation letter from their respective employers.

The police bond is granted for free. You don’t need to pay anything to access such a service. To the contrary, some police officers demand money from the relatives of the suspect before the bond is granted. This trend has been going on for some time.

It is high time corrupt police officers are reported to the appropriate law enforcement agencies such as the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC). Why paying police bond which is supposed to be offered for free. People need to be sensitised that police bond is granted for free.


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