PeP disagree proposal to restrict terms of office for MPs, Councillors and Mayors

PeP President Sean Tembo

PeP President Sean Tembo

Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) say it does not support the proposal to restrict terms in office for Members of Parliament, Councillors and Mayors.

PeP President Sean Tembo says trying to equate the position of Republican President to other electable positions such as MPs and Mayors is a misnomer.

Mr. Tembo says the position of Republican President is an extremely powerful positions hence the need to restrict whoever holds it to two terms only.

He states that on the other hand, other electable positions are not that powerful.

He says the second reason his party does not support the proposed restriction on term limits for other electable positions such as MPs and Mayors, is that there is need to maintain institutional memory for these institutions, given their lack of adequate support structures.

Mr. Tembo says it is necessary that there is a mixture of MPs or Councillors serving different terms so that there’s gradual passage of wisdom with Parliament or a Council, as the case may be.

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