Kitwe Mayor cautions residents against blocking drainages

Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe has warned residents against throwing garbage in drainages thereby blocking the drainages.

Mr. Kango’mbe says over the last 11 months, Kitwe City Council has cleared historical waste and unblocked drainages in most areas of the 28 wards.

He says despite the Kitwe City Council’s efforts to unblocking the drainages, some residents have illegally dumped waste again in most of these places.

Mr. Kango’mbe feels that what communities in Kitwe need are environmental stewards.

He has noted that Public awareness needs to be raised to a level where residents become responsible for their waste and their environment in Zambia.

Mr. Kango’mbe says it will take serious sensitization through all forms of media and involvement of all stakeholders including the church, schools and leaders in the informal sector to ensuring that Kitwe residents keep their surroundings clean.

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