FDD describes calls to impeach the president as frivolous

Antonio Mwanza - FDD Spokesperson

Antonio Mwanza – FDD Spokesperson

Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza says calls by certain individuals to impeach President Edgar Lungu over his utterances on the judiciary are frivolous because they fall short of the constitutional ingredients for the impeachment of a republican president.

Mr. Mwanza says article 108 of the constitution of Zambia prescribes the grounds under which the president of Zambia can be impeached.

He says according to the constitution, there are only three grounds under which a head of state can be impeached.

According to Mr. Mwanza the head of state can only be impeached if he has violated the provisions of the republican constitution or other law, committed a crime under international law and if he has committed gross misconduct.

Mr. mwanza says the utterances of president Edgar lungu on the judiciary as much as they may be in bad taste cannot warrant his impeachment because they do not violate the three prescribed grounds for impeachment as stipulated by the constitution of Zambia.

He says even though the party does not agree with the president’s sentiments on the judiciary, he find the calls for his impeachment frivolous and vexatious.


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