Kasama MP donates K20, 000 to Choma NGO

PF Kasama MP Kelvin Sampa

Kasama Central Member of Parliament Kelvin Sampa has donated K20, 000 to Musokotwane Compassion Mission Zambia Zambia (MCMZ), a nonprofit organization that advocates against child marriages in Choma district of Southern Province.

Speaking on Friday when he officiated at the Girl Child Shield fundraising concert organized by MCMZ to raise funds for the construction of a Girls Haven, Sampa said early child marriages have become of great concern to him and President Edgar Lungu, hence making the donation on behalf of the Patriotic Front Party and the President.

Sampa stated that he was compelled to become a consistent partner of MCMZ because problems currently faced by children are not selective of a child’s geographical location or tribe.

He commended MCMZ for the strong partnership it has with traditional leaders, and the Zambia Police Service and called on other stakeholders to consider partnering with the organization as he has seen the fruits of his previous donations.

The Kasama lawmaker had a strong message for perpetrators of child abuse as he charged that for as long he serves as a Zambian parliamentarian, he will champion stiffer laws against perpetrators of violence against children.

Sampa further said women are partners in development not tools of abuse hence their worth should start to be identified while they were still girls.

He also had a word for his Choma counterpart Cornelius Mweetwa who shunned the event without any notice despite being invited.

“I met Hon. Mweetwa at Parliament and told him I was coming here. It is unfortunate that my counterpart, my brother has seen no urgent need attached to a cause such as what the Musokotwane Compassion Mission Zambia is championing. An event such as this one unites people towards a common goal,” Said Sampa

He said the suffering of women and children in any given community should move genuine leaders to respond with the urgency it deserves.

“Our party the Patriotic Front and His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu consider the suffering of women and children as an urgent need to respond to, so you see all of us in the Patriotic Front are keen to respond because we believe investing in the girl child is investing in a nation’s future.”
Sampa challenged youths who seek to ascend to leadership positions in all sectors of service to put service to humanity before fame, money and power.

The PF lawmaker dismissed speculations of any threat against ruling party officials going to Southern Province.

“People should fear nothing from going to southern province as the people in this region are peaceful and welcoming. It is only the politicians that speculate owning regions but the people in Southern Province stand for the unifying motto of one Zambia, One Nation which sees no tribe or region,” stated Sampa

And speaking earlier at the same event, Chief Chikanta of Kalomo district narrated the story of a visionary teenager who visited him eight years ago requesting his guidance on setting up a sustainable Zambian organization to deal with early child marriages in the chiefdoms.

The traditional leader stated that he was moved to see a very young person so passionate about the welfare of girls whose dreams are cut short by the scourge of early child marriage, hence his accepting to render his expertise and experiences.

Chief Chikanta said he was delighted that he did not make the wrong decision in supporting the vision of MCMZ’s leader Genious Msokotwane eight years ago as he has shown an exceptional and consistent approach to curbing early child marriages.

“This journey that started only as a vision on a piece of paper some eight years ago when the founder came into my office has now helped a lot of girls from various chiefdoms of southern province walk to freedom from early child marriages. These girls have picked up their lives once again through the organization’s education sponsorship program for girls it retrieves from child marriages. This makes me proud as a traditional leader to have walked a path that believes in the youth as critical partners in any development of our chiefdoms and the country,” said Chief Chikanta

Chief Chikanta said MCMZ has been consistent in its quest to curb child marriages and appealed to other youths to learn the art of consistency and servanthood if traditional leaders and government are to take them serious.

And Choma District PF vice publicity secretary Luse Kamoko said at the same event that the party in the district is committed to supporting initiatives that contribute positively to the national developmental agenda.

Kamoko who also donated ten (10) pockets of cement towards the organization’s construction project said he felt compelled to donate the said bags of cement to the organization after he had an experience of what the organization is doing to rewrite stories of girls in need.

The youthful Kamoko, who lost the Siamaambo ward during the 2016 general elections, challenged politicians in Choma district to see service to humanity beyond being elected to office.

And Namuswa ward PF councilor Kenneth Moola said meeting basic needs of girls retrieved from child marriages come with challenges that to some extent, if not critically addressed, would see them going back to those abusive child marriage.

Moola said as a civic leader, he had an obligation to respond to the cries of children that need the help of their leaders in the district hence donating two goats to MCMZ.

And MCMZ executive director Genious Musokotwane said executing their duties has never been an easy task for the organization due to lack of resources.

Musokotwane said there is need to invest in rural and grassroots-driven projects if early child marriages are to be combated.

He thanked President Edgar Lungu and the government for supporting the success of the event with a purchase of 100 VVIP tickets worth K10, 000.00

Musokotwane said President Lungu’s heart and passion to end child marriages has touched all parts of the country and it was proved by the guest of honor who is a Northern Province lawmaker.

He thanked the guest of honor Sampa for being a consistent partner to his organization and lessening the heavy load on them in the fight against child marriages.

Musokotwane told Sampa to extend the organization’s gratitude to the PF secretary general and the President for partnering with MCMZ in rewriting the future of girls in distress.

“Today we are writing history in the fight against early child marriages and it is an honor that Honourable Sampa, the Patriotic Front and His Excellence President Lungu are a part of this history we are making. Please extend our gratitude to the party secretary general and President Lungu,” said Musokotwane

Musokotwane appealed for continued and increased support from government, the corporate world and individual citizens during and after the construction of a Girls Haven on ending Child Marriages through education and sports support.

Girls Haven is a safety home for girls retrieved from or at risk of child marriages in Choma District and Southern Province as a whole.

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