By Simon Muntemba

IT will be disastrous for Zambians to trust the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema with the responsibility of running the affairs of the country as there is an irrefutable evidence that he dubiously enriched himself through privatisation at the expense of poor Zambians, Chilufya Tayali has charged.

Mr Tayali who is Economic and Equity Party (EEP) president said Mr Hichilema was not good for Zambia because he only cared about himself and money.

Speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Tayali said the revelation in the Paradise Papers that Mr Hakainde stashed his money in the offshore accounts in tax havens in an attempt evade taxes did not only raise molarity questions but also serious leadership questions on the UPND president.

He said revelations also proved that Mr Hichilema’s proceeds from the privatisation exercise ended up in offshore accounts which deprived millions of Zambians of their wealth.

Mr Tayali added that it was evident that Mr Hichilema dubiously enriched himself through privatisation.

“Firstly, we question where HH has gotten so much money to invest in these off-shore companies. It is more evident that HH took advantage of our resources during privatisation and other business deals such as Saturnia.

“HH wants to underplay the Paradise Papers scandal, but this is an irrefutable evidence of compromise on the part of HH as an alternative leader.

“HH is not a magician or extra-ordinary person to multiply money into millions within a short time. If not from privatisation, where did HH get the money?” Mr Tayali asked.

The EEP leader further indicated that Mr Hichilema’s international business links poses a danger to Zambia’s economic independence.

He said the UPND leader does not seem to be patriotic, as he is more interested in making money than serving the Zambian people just like he did during privitisation.

He  said that Zambia was in economic malaise due to compromised leadership that it has had since independence.

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