Jean Kapata mukula tree illegal dealings “exposed”

Jean Kapata

Allegations of Jean Kapata and the police illegally dealing in Mukula tree and using the name of the president to defend the illegality have refused to go away as an audio of a woman identified only as Rachael who spoke at a recent press briefing held by Chishimba Kambwili has surfaced.

In the audio, Rachael challenges the Lands and Natural Resources Minister to allow youths to deal in Mukula just like she is doing.

She says youths in Chinsali have been blocked and that the Minister is getting confiscated Mukula logs and selling it and saying that the President is the one who is telling her to do so.

Further, Rachael says Kapata should stop telling lies that the President is the one telling her to do the illegal Mukula deals because she has detailed information that the Minister is working with the police who are escorting the trucks and smuggling the timber to China.

“..Cause if you were to meet face to face you would have seen! Tatwekatine nokotina mune. Uleke ukushitisha Mukula pantu ba youth balefweya ukushishako nabena. Ku Chinsali ba youth walibesalila. Ulechita nga wapoka mukula elyo ulebepa bufi ati niba President ba kuntumine twalishiba ama dealu yobe inshiku tashcela mumo. Ifi mulebepa bufi ati ba President balelanda ati mulepoka abantu mukula natwishiba ubupupu mulecita, mucita nga mwapoka abantu Mukula mwabula bakapola bamishidikila ba Kapata. If the government has said no to export, why do you export yourselves? Where have these people gotten the license?”

She also mentions a middle man called Barnaby Mulenga who she says was sent to China to look for buyers of Mukula.

“I have all the documents, Barnaby Mulenga you went to look for buyers of Mukula in China. Jean Kapata is the one who sent you and you came up with those buyers, four of them. What is the work of ZPPA if Barnaby Mulenga was the one who went looking for the buyers?” She wondered.

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