By Chintu Malambo

THE Lusaka High Court has ordered an injunction to restrain former first lady Maureen Mwanawasa from interfering or dealing with a piece of land in a matter in which Ms Mwanawasa had sued the Lusaka City Council and another person only known as Banda for allegedly depriving her  full usage of the land.

Earlier, Ms Mwanawasa stated in a statement of claim filed in the High Court that LCC authorised Patrick Banda (Banda ) to construct and build on plot No 323 of farm No. 411(a)  in Roma, Lusaka which she alleged belonging to her.

She claimed that she had on several occasions written to LCC as well as Mr Banda but to no avail.

But Mr Banda in his affidavit in support of ex-parte summons for an order of interim injunction indicated that he was the legitimate and rightful owner of all that premises and parcel of land having located at plot No. 400, farm 441a, Roma, Lusaka having being offered by the Ministry of Lands sometime in September 2010 where as Ms Mwanawasa’s land was on plot No 323 of farm No. 411(a) in Roma, Lusaka.

Mr Banda said that he was not responsible for the purported loss suffered by Ms Mwanawasa and that she was not entitled to any of the reliefs sought in her statement of claim where she claimed possession of architectural diagrams and building materials and cost of the sank borehole on the piece of land.

He further denied ever destroying Ms Mwanawasa’s building material or even chase away the contractor from the site and commenced the construction of his own structures which she alleged were there now. He also denied conniving with LCC to deprive Ms Mwanawasa full usage of her piece of land.

However, high court judge Mathew Zulu granted the order of interim injunction against Ms Mwanawasa, her agents or whoever, restraining them from interfering with, threatening to sell or dealing in any manner with the piece of land in question.

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