Munir Zulu claims receiving death threats

By Oscar Malipenga


MUNIR Zulu, a Patriotic Front sympathizer has notified police on receiving death threats from unknown people.

“I have received a strange call from this MTN line (+2609606xxxx) threatening my life for having petitioned the speaker to have Chishimba Kambwili subjected to a medical test,” Mr Zulu has disclosed yesterday.

And Ibrahim Mwamba, another PF supporter has received calls from the Copperbelt threatening his life for issuing statements against a known politician.

Mr Zulu said he had notified  the police  and would file a formal complaint to ensure that the phone number was traced using the police or private security firm.

“I know people have died because of politics but am not the first or the last,” he said.

Mr Zulu said he would also post the recording on social media so that others could listen to it.

“Should they try an ambush, the only thing today is act in self-defense using all methods at my disposal.

“I want to warn that person, I equally have capacity to hire people to say exactly what your thug has said on phone. You are pushing me to the wall and I will bounce back with a killer punch,” Mr Zulu said.

He said he equally had capacity to move with “gangs” like him  and capacity to move in a convoy.

Meanwhile, Mr Mwamba said he received a call from the Copperbelt threatening his life for issuing a statement against a known person.

Mr Mwamba said the people who called him were claiming to be Jerabos (miners).

Meanwhile, Mr Zulu has threatened to sue Mirriam Nkhuwa for bringing his name into disrepute through a voice note being circulated on social media.

He was responding to Mirriam’s voice note circulated on social media, telling him (Zulu) to grow up and stop pretending to be rich because she used to keep him.

Mr Zulu said he had never been in a relationship with Mirriam but that it was just a one night stand arrangement.

“If you went to Northmead Police station, I once reported that lady because she threatened to kill me,” he said.

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