Chinyanta embarks on women empowerment programs

CHINYANTA 1Patriotic front Matero ward 28 councilor Aggie Chinyanta has embarked on women empowerment programs to supplement governments developmental and empowerment programs in communities.

Ms. Chinyanta who is the only female councilor in Matero constituency says she has used her own pocket money to empower women in her ward with various businesses.

She says in as much as government is working, it is important that various communities are empowered with businesses to sustain themselves.

Ms. Chinyanta has empowered various women groupings from her ward with bags of rice, to start businesses and extend it to other groups as it expands.

She has further lobbied support from the Muslim community, to help the women with their nutritional needs, by giving them dairy products, such as goat meet.

And the recipients have thanked the patriotic front Matero ward 28 councilor aggie Chinyanta’s efforts in empowering them with some skills.

They have stated that, they will no longer have to wait until government starts employing them, but use the opportunity to improve their lives.

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