ZNFU welcomes decision to revisit FRA maize price

The Zambia National Farmers’ Union (ZNFU) has welcomed government’s decision to revisit the K60 maize price set by the Food Reserve Agency (FRA).Jervis Zimba ZNFU

In a statement, ZNFU President Jervis Zimba says the intervention by President Edgar Lungu is timely.

He says farmers look forward to the intervention, which gives them fresh hope of making investments that will help them grow the country’s agriculture.

Mr Zimba says agriculture remains the most realistic pathway of lifting the majority of Zambians out of poverty.

He states that farmers will play their part for the country to realise the dream of making agriculture the mainstay of the economy and being the food basket of the region.

President Lungu has indicated that he will relook at the K60 price for a 50kg of maize set by the Food Reserve Agency.

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