Rude wife dragged to court


A 27-YEAR-OLD man told a local court in Lusaka that his wife has no respect for him because she says they are agemates and  that there is no man in the house.

Reuben Chimukumbi of Kabanana Site and Service was testifying in a case in which his wife, Kaluba Phiri, 27, of Zani Muone compound sued him for reconciliation.

The two got married in 2010 and have two children.

Phiri told Senior Court Magistrate Pauline Newa sitting with Magistrate Miyanda Banda at Matero Local Court that problems started last year when she saw Chimukumbi passing nearby with a woman.

When she inquired about the woman, Chimukumbi told her that he planned to marry the same lady.

She explained that Chimukumbi’s girlfriend was given rights to call him at awkward times and that there was no support because he only left K50 for a week but returned home drunk.

Phiri also said that when they sat with elders from church, Chimukumbi openly declared that he did not love her because she did not want to go to his church.

“On February 4, Chimukumbi beat me that was how I left. I have stayed at my parents for six months,’’ said Phiri.

In defence, Chimukumbi said that problems started in 2014 when Phiri stopped respecting him and that when they differed she would go to her parents.

He explained that Phiri said that he was of her age and that there was no man in the house.

“The other time when we were in bed, Phiri said that I am not her husband and that if a man who wants to marry her comes, she will go. That was how we differed and I told her to go, I thought her parents would bring her instead,’’ said Chimukumbi.

Asked by the court if he was willing to reconcile with Phiri, Chimukumbi said that he wanted a five-year separation period.

Magistrate Newa ruled a failed reconciliation on the basis that Chimukumbi did not want to reconcile.

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