HH delights Sinkamba

Peter Sinkamba

Peter Sinkamba

Green Party President Peter Sinkamba it is extremely delighting to note that the UPND leader is unequivocally committed to the reforms proposed by Commonwealth Secretary General Patricia Scotland which will be anchored on values and aspirations of peace and harmony as set out in the Commonwealth Charter.

Mr. Sinkamba in a statement says he visited the incarcerated UPND Leader at Mukobeko Maximum Prison on Thursday this week and encouraged him.

Mr. Sinkamba says Mr. Hichilema also expressed commitment to a process of multi-stakeholder dialogue, which will be facilitated through the office of the Commonwealth Secretary General, to ensure an effective framework for good governance and the rule of law is put in place prior to 2021 elections.

He says he is very delighted with this commitment and hope that treason case will be done away expeditiously so that the implementation of the roadmap commences the soonest.

He is calling on both the prosecution and the defence teams not to waste time on pointless preliminary applications when the trial commences on Monday, 14 August.

Mr. Sinkamba says both teams have had more than four months to prepare for this case.

The Green Party Leader says purposeless delays should be avoided so that this case is done away as soon as possible.

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