By Kalobwe Bwalya

ZAMBIA Army says it will continue to help maintain peace in the world by contributing troops, equipment, services and key personnel to United Nations and African Union peace keeping as well as peace support missions.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Director military customs and Arts directorate, Col Genoh Muke said, the military and civilian authorities had been working on engendering a green economy since World War 11.

Col Muke said, Zambia Army was for the first time displaying their military equipment to the general public at the 91st Agriculture and Commercial Show in Lusaka to bring the public close to them so that they were viewed as partners in development than an unapproachable organisation whose operations and shape were known only to those who wear uniforms.

Col Muke said, this year’s 91st Agriculture and Commercial show under the theme “Promoting the Green Economy” was in line with Zambia Army to ensure that it improved human wellbeing and society equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities.

He said planning was an essential part of development and that Zambia Army took into consideration how certain policies, doctrine and strategies promoted a green economy as they were building a healthy, productive and prosperous future for the younger youths.

“Human resource development is a continuous process as it not only encourages awareness of world trends and transitions, but also assures a better informed proactive green economy including efficient and effective use of resources and troops currently deployed in our border areas to safeguard our territory, “said Col. Muke.

He said armies existed in order to prepare for war much as they prevented it, hence peace was on top of their agenda as it can be envisaged from the continued peace that the nation enjoyed, adding that commanders of various levels continued to be involved in Indabas with civil authorities and own personnel at all levels.

Col Muke also said, the armies had special duties to defend and protect Zambia through discipline.

“As we develop our infrastructure and ensure the best living conditions and enhanced livehood of military personnel and the Zambian people in general, we ensure that the environment is eco-friendly,

“Consideration must be taken to ensure that materials, resources and services are green which can be achieved through use of materials that are not harmful to our personnel, community and general environment, by encouraging use of solar energy, biodegradable materials , recycling among others” he said.


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