Davies Mwila’s utterances are an indictment to Lungu.He must come out clean.

President Lungu

NEF is saddened by the utterances in Kabwe by the PF SG telling cadres/ officials that they can share land illegally with impunity.However, we want to believe that the PF has encouraged more of such illegal allocations and Mwila’s utterances were a mere manifestation of the status quo.


The utterances, however, create an opportunity for President Lungu to demonstrate his resolve to fight nepotism, criminality and lawlessness by disowning Davis and his utterances. The only way,in our view, he can demonstrate this is by firing the SG.


We also expect the Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs to prevail on the President and guide him to fire SG for his divisive words,lest we all conclude they both endorse or agree with him, or actually sent him to utter the same.

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