ZESCO Has Failed Zambians – PF MP

PF Bwana Mkubwa member of parliament Jonas Chanda says the massive load-shedding by Zesco is de-campaigning President Edgar Lungu and the ruling party.
In a statement, Chanda stated that Zesco had failed the Zambian people.�
“I wish to condemn Zesco’s incompetence in the strongest terms possible. Their pathetic services to the people are totally unacceptable and are tantamount to decampaigning the Patriotic Front government and President Lungu himself,” Chanda stated.
“How can people stay four days without power in Ndeke township, especially Malasha area and other parts of Ndeke? As a result, people have lost plenty of food items and other perishable goods which have gone bad and to waste in their fridges.”
�He stated that it had become very difficult for people in places like Ndola to sustain their livelihoods with the massive load-shedding.
Chanda stated that Zesco was treating Zambians in a cruel manner.
�”People owning small businesses on which their livelihoods depend like barbershops, hair salons and welding shops have had their businesses badly affected as they have made huge losses,” stated Chanda.
“Government should urgently carry out an institutional audit of Zesco and other poorly performing parastatals and change their management.�”

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