Fuel to cost K21 – Chishimba

File: Mount Meru fuel service station

File: Mount Meru fuel service station

A decision has been reached to increase pump price fuel again to K21 per litre,  opposition United People’s Party  (UPP) president Saviour Chishimba has disclosed.


Recently the Energy Regulation Board ( ERB) increased fuel by 39 percent a situation that has resulted in commodities prices to go up.


Chishimba at press conference made the revelation saying he would write to President Edgar Lungu not to increase fuel.


He said:


“I humbly appeal to President Edgar Lungu on behalf of fellow Zambians not to increase the Pump Price of Fuel again. I am reliably informed that a decision to increase fuel to K21 per litre has just been made.


Our economy is headed for a recession and taking any action which increases the cost of production exacerbates the situation. UPP is ready to sit down with the government and provide our humble direction on what we ought to do for the sake of our nation.


UPP is scheduled to hold a major news conference by mid November, 2016. We shall write our first official letter to the President immediately after the conference.


God bless you! God bless Zambia!”

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