Rising cases of Zambian women getting stranded in West Africa after divorce worry Govt.

Harry Kalaba

Harry Kalaba

Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba is saddened by a report about Zambian women getting stranded in West Africa after being divorced.

Zambian High Commissioner to Nigeria Dr Solomon Jere informed Kalaba in Abuja on Monday that a lot of Zambian women married to West Africans are getting stranded after divorce and cannot afford to buy airtickets to go back to Zambia with children.

Dr Jere said most Zambian women who get married to west Africans while in Zambia get shocked to discover that their husbands already have other wives and children when they are taken to west Africa.

Dr Jere said some of the women were living in abject poverty to an extent of getting food aid from Red cross, adding that the Zambian Mission is Nigeria has no budgetline to repatriate the stranded women to Zambia.

And Kalaba said his Ministry will discuss the issue and find ways to help repartriate the Zambian women back home.

He cautioned Zambians to be careful before deciding to go and live abroad, saying life without a stable income in foreign countries could be hard.

And Dr Jere has also cautioned Zambians travelling to Nigeria for prayers to ensure that they get invitation letters before they leave Zambia.

He said a lot of Zambians were getting stranded in Nigeria after spending all their Money before they they meet men of God for prayers.

He said Zambians need to believe that God can answer prayer and heal the sick even within Zambia.

Kalaba is in Nigeria as Special Envoy to deliver a special message from President Edgar Lungu to Nigerian President.

He will also have bilateral talks with Nigerian Foreign Minister Geoffrey Onyeama to discuss ways of strengthening ties between the two countries.

This is according to a statement issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs Public Relations Officer Dorcus Chileshe.

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