Low number of pregnant girls readmitted into school worries Southern Province youth organization

pregnant school girlA youth organization in Southern Province has observed a high number of girls not being readmitted into schools after they fall pregnant.

Commenting on the international day of a Girl Child, the Musokotwane Compassion Mission Zambia (MCMZ) says Zambia has thousands of girls that got pregnant between the year 2013 and 2016 in the below grade 11 classes as reported by the ministry of education bulletins, however statistics indicated that a low number of these girls have been readmitted into schools after falling pregnant or giving birth, leaving the majority as primary and junior secondary school dropout parents, hence the increased poverty and abuse of girls and women witnessed in our communities.

MCMZ executive director, Genious Musokotwane further observed that the majority without access to education after being pregnant find themselves in abusive marriages as marriage remains their only option for providing for their children under economic hardships.

Musokotwane adds that it is MCMZ’s core value that in the next few years  it strengthens it’s commitment to helping government and other stakeholders playing pivotal roles in exploring tangible and sustainable avenues to ensure girls are given adequate opportunities without bordering on one’s socioeconomic or geographical location.

However, Musokotwane warms that such edeavours will not be attained by a government whose “Youth will” is not well incorporated in it’s sustainable goals on girls’ development. 

“It is our hope and desire that young people will avail themselves as instruments of positive change and be embraced by government initiatives combating vices that have stood as a threat to girls’ development in our country,” said Musokotwane 

Today 11th October, 2016 marks the 5th anniversary of the United Nations International Day of a Girl Child under the 2016 theme of “The Adolescent Girl and Sustainable Development Goals”.

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