PF Cadres attack Radio – caller Proud’s shop

Proud explaining the attack outside his Grocery

Proud explaining the attack outside his Grocery

Political Activist and prominent Radio programme caller Proud of Garden Township in Lusaka has told Zambian Eye that he is now living in fear after his Grocery store was stoned by PF Cadres.

Proud who is a sympathiser of the opposition UPND narrated that the Cadres from PF last week descended on Grocery after their candidate Edgar Lungu was declared winner.

“I got the information that the PF Cadres were planning to attack when their president is declared so I  locked my shop and went out. So immediately after the announcement they came here and started throwing some stones, ” narrated Proud in an exclusive interview on Sunday.

He said it took some of the neighbours to stop the Cadres from breaking into the grocery. He says the police have a  duty to protect all citizens and their properties.

Proud has called on Lungu to restrain his cadres from attacking people holding divergent views as Zambia is a democratic nation. He said attacking fellow citizens will not solve the major economic woes the country is going through due to poor leadership.

“I have a right to speak and no one will silence me as long as they don’t create jobs, work on our poor sanitation and roads here, ” he charged.

Proud is one of the vocal personalities who call on various phone-in radio programmes.

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