Ballot papers dispatched in the night without Stakeholders

Seven trucks loaded with ballot papers for next week’s general election have allegedly been dispatched in the night contrary to what was agreed by the stakeholders yesterday.

Irate Political parties’ representatives have since rushed to Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) offices to confront the Director Priscilla Isaac.

“Yesterday political parties and other stakeholders who went to witness the loading and dispatching of Ballot papers agreed with ECZ that the loading and dispatching of Ballot papers at the ECZ warehouse in Chongwe should be done today in the presence of all stakeholders,” explained FDD Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza this morning.

“However, last night ECZ in the absence of stakeholders loaded ballot papers and dispatched 7 trucks to unknown destination.”

Suspicions that the election could be rigged by the ruling party are high as poll day approaches.

Early in the week some trucks were impounded by some supporters of the position at the border South West of the country.

Zambia holds elections which is tightly contested and none of the leading contenders seems ready to accept the results.

The campaigns leading to the elections have been marred by violence never seen in the history of Zambia.

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