Using mind to heal body

GREEK philosopher Aristotle once said that ‘Laughter is a bodily exercise precious to health’ and Brian Adams advises that ‘Be happy or joyful and you will be healthy. Laughter is the world’s greatest medicine’.
The word ‘health’ is derived from the Old Saxon word, ‘Hal ‘from which the word ‘whole’ comes. ‘Health’ therefore implies ‘wholeness’. To be ‘healthy’ means to be ‘whole’, that is unity of the three parts of a person—spirit, mind and body.
When you put a dash between the letters (s) and (e) in the word ‘Disease’ it becomes ‘Dis-ease’ or lack of ‘Easiness’ or ‘Wholeness’. A person with such signs is described as being ‘Diseased’ or ‘Sickly’.
The source of all ‘Disease’ or ‘Sickness’ is our negative thinking. In other words, all disease or sickness is psychosomatic, it involves mind and body. As thoughts are causes and conditions are effects or results, when we repeatedly entertain negative thoughts they create disease or illness in our body and when we repeatedly entertain positive thoughts they create easiness or health in our body.
This is created by our subconscious mind transforming our predominant thoughts into their equivalent physical reality of either illness or health. Neale Donald Walsch explains, ‘If you think thoughts of illness or disease (or continuing anger, hatred and jealousy), your body will translate these thoughts into physical form. All illness is self-created. People stay angry all their lives and wonder why they get heart-attacks.
All illness is created first in the mind. Nothing occurs in your life – nothing – which is not first a thought. Thoughts are like magnets, drawing effects to you. The thought may not always be obvious, and thus clearly causative, as in “Ï am going to contract a terrible disease”. The thought may be (and usually is) far more subtle than that. “Ï am not worthy to live”. ”My life is always a mess”. “I am a loser”. “God is going to punish me”. “Ï am sick and tired of my life”.
Thoughts are very subtle, yet an extremely powerful form of energy. Words are less subtle, denser. Actions are the densest of all. You can solve the health problems by solving the problems in your thinking.
Yes, you can heal the conditions you have already acquired (given yourself) as well as prevent major new problems from developing. And you can do this by changing your thinking. Illness and disease are opposites of health and wellness, and are made manifest at your behest (command or invitation). You cannot be ill without at some level causing yourself to be , and you can be well again in a moment by simply deciding to be…Healing is the process of accepting all, then choosing the best’.
Your body is the product of your own predominant and most frequent thoughts which your subconscious mind transforms into their corresponding physical reality. For example, Dr. Norman Cousins healed himself of a terminal illness by the positive mind power of laughter.
He had a one in 500 chance of recovery but he wanted to prove that if there was anything like mind over body he would make it a reality. He figured that if negative emotions caused negative chemicals in our body, then the reverse must be true in that positive emotions like happiness and laughter would bring positive chemicals into our body.
He moved from the hospital to a hotel and rented humorous movies and literally healed himself by laughing. Of course, medical help is important but the will to live for the patient is equally important if not more important.
After being healed he said, ‘I have learned never to underestimate the capacity of the human mind and body to regenerate—even when prospects seem most wretched. The life force may be the least understood force on earth’. The Bible in Proverbs 18:14 says that ‘Your will to live can sustain you when you are sick, but if you lose it your last hope is gone’.
As Bob Proctor observes that ‘Disease cannot live in a body that is in a healthy emotional state’, Cathy Goodman healed herself also by laughing.
After she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Cathy Goodman believed in her heart with strong faith that she was already healed. Each day she would say ‘Thank you for my healing’.  She believed in her heart that she was healed and saw herself as if cancer was not in her body. She avoided any stress in her life by watching very funny movies. She knew that stress was the worst thing one can ever have while trying to heal oneself.
In her own words Cathy says that ‘From the time I was diagnosed to the time I was healed it took approximately three months. And that was without any radiation or chemotherapy’. Laughter or a positive thought attracts happiness or joy, releases negativity and often leads to miraculous cures.
A US survey conducted by Entertainment Weekly Magazine found that ‘Eighty-two (82) percent of people who go to movies want to laugh; 7 percent want to cry and 3 percent want to scream’. In 2010, a study reported by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) found that ‘Being happy and positive may prevent the possibility of heart disease’.
Barry Farber says that ‘Studies have shown that laughter decreases your blood pressure and
heart rate, increases oxygen in the blood, strengthens the immune system and creates an enzyme that protects your stomach from stress’.
Anthony Robbins explains, ‘Smiling and laughing set off biological processes that in fact make us feel good. They increase the flow of blood to the brain, change the level of oxygen and the level of stimulation of the neurotransmitters’.
The Bible in Proverbs 17:22 puts it this way, ‘Being cheerful keeps you healthy. It is slow death to be gloomy all the time’. Despite the importance of laughing, one study in the USA found that ‘A four year-old child laughs about 310 times while an adult person laughs about 15 times per day’!
Laughter is like any other positive thought which when it is persisted in your subconscious mind accepts and transforms it into its equivalent positive physical reality, circumstance or condition. For instance, after Bob Gilley was given the time when he would die of cancer by his doctors he put up positive slogans (or positive thoughts) on his bedroom door and on a mirror where he shaved.
He believed in his heart that he was healed of cancer and gave himself proper nourishment. He later said ‘The only people who know when I will die are myself and God; nobody else knows, and I will not let anyone forecast my death. I will make that decision along with God. I will overcome my problem and live’. His subconscious mind accepted his predominant positive thought of health and transformed it into its equivalent physical reality of wellness and he survived.
In 1996, Lewis Watuka a Zambian was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and immediately activated his original positive thought that he was created by God to be always healthy. He focused his thinking in his mind on healing and good health, put up a good fight, persisted and became conscious of only health. He strongly believed in the resurrection of Christ and made it a self-fulfilling prophecy that he would also rise again.
He often positively affirmed  that ‘Dear God, I know that it was not your wish that I am in this state. Please reverse my status and put me to work with people with HIV/AIDS. If I get well, I will make myself available to them’. In his testimony booklet, From Positive to Negative: My Wonderful Journey, Lewis says that ‘My news of being HIV/AIDS negative was like my second birthday. It gave me a new lease on my life’. He realised that the weakness was with his body and not with his spirit and mind.
Therefore, he took good care of his immune system and participated in sporting games as if HIV/AIDS was never in his body. Four years later in 2000 Lewis Watuka was diagnosed HIV/AIDS negative.
He now advices others in the same situation that ‘Fight for your life; it is your only one. Persist’. The only process of healing is faith (positive thought) while the power of healing is the subconscious mind.
This is also true for all the reported and validated miraculous healing at the different sacred Shrines at which The Virgin Mary has appeared in history such as at Guadalupe in Mexico in 1531; Lourdes in France in 1858; Fatima in Portugal in 1917; Kibeho in Rwanda between 1981 and 1988; and Medjugorje in Bosnia in 1981.
Brian Adams advises that ‘Your faith needs to be strong to withstand negative remarks from our friends, parents, relatives, neighbors, those who are already crying and others who might be making such comments as “You do not look too good. Are you sure you are alright? ” “Are you sure this faith stuff is going to work? You know so and so had the same thing and they died”’.
Incurable is curable from within, heal your body by repeatedly using laughter or a positive thought in your mind because it rejuvenates and stimulates your immune system and this is why it is valued by most people over many other things.
(The author is a motivational mentor and consultant in Positive Mindset Change. Email: Minds

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