No pact with PF – FDD

lungu nawakwiThe Forum for-democracy and Development- FDD has maintained that there is no pact between the party and the ruling Patriotic Front.

FDD Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza says Party Leader Edith Nawakwi doesn’t need a ministerial position because she has headed four full cabinet ministries before and has now graduated to be the Republican President. 

Mwanza described rumors linking them to a pact with the PF as malicious lies concocted by the enemies of the party who are feeling the heavy presence of the FDD on the ground and have realized that they cannot win this election with the necessary 50%+1 due to the FDD factor.

He said  the people perpetrating the rumour are charlatans bent on discrediting Party President Edith Nawakwi and mislead the voters as well as make party members believe that the party has been sold to the PF.

“The rumors that FDD is entering in a pact with PF are malicious lies concocted by the enemies of FDD who are feeling the heavy presence of FDD on the ground and have realized that they cannot win this election by 50%+1 due to the FDD factor.

“These charlatans are trying their best to discredit President Edith Nawakwi and mislead the Zambian voters and confuse the FDD membership by fabricating all sorts of political hogwash to paint President Nawakwi as a sellout who has abandoned the cause to liberate Zambia from the the jaws of poverty with a ministerial position. They want to confuse our members into believing that FDD has been auctioned to PF,” he said.

He further stated that there are number of reasons why people should dismiss the rumor with the contempt it deserves among them that constitutionally anybody who loses an election is not eligible for appointment as a Minister.

He also called on Journalists to check for facts before publishing whatever comes out of the mouths of politicians because most politicians just say things to save their interests.

He highlighted a list of points which he described as facts which every one peddling lies must look at,.

“I want to categorically state the following

1. There is no pact between FDD and PF. It’s all lies.

2. President Edith Nawakwi is running for the Presidency of the Republic of Zambia on the singular FDD ticket

3. Madam Nawakwi is not interested in being a Minister. She has served this country as a full cabinet minister in four different ministries and she is now ready and able to serve as the Republican President. She is not going to relegate herself to a minister.

4. Constitutionally anyone who loses an election is not eligible to be appointed Minister

5. FDD has grown and cannot be ignored anymore. We are in this race to win and not just to participate. We have fielded credible and strong candidates countrywide and we will win lots of seats in Parliament and the Local Government. There is no doubt about that.

6. Our opponents are feeling our presence and they have realized that FDD is a force to reckon with. They can’t ignore us. They can only pretend but they know that in this election FDD is a serious factor and an equal competitor that is why they are now panicking and fabricating all sorts of lies to try to derail our momentum. Bola nayikosa. It’s 50%+1

7. We want to urge our members, sympathizers and all the voters nation wide to treat these lies with the contempt they deserve. Do not despair. Soldier on. Don’t get discouraged. We are matching to the finish line. Nimayofye”

The media has in the recent past carried what is termed as an Expose where the FDD is allegedly in a secret pact with PF, and Nawakwi allegedly being promised a Finance Minister position.

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