Self-determination: Cornerstone of entrepreneurship

SMEs CornerGENERALLY, the Government has always shouldered the burden of unemployment among the youths in the country.
The situation has been compounded by the general but mistaken belief that the Government is solely responsible for creating employment for all its citizens.
While it may be true that the Government can provide an enabling environment and sometimes the resources in ensuring a level playing ground which makes it easy to create jobs among the youth, entrepreneurship is the sure answer.
This is because it provides a unique platform of free flowing business ideas to combat this scourge among the youths.
Ideas of job creation must not flow from the Government instead they must come from the people themselves.
Entrepreneurism which encompasses a broad meaning has become a source of inspiration among some youths and this has helped to pull them out of the pit of poverty.
One principal which governs entrepreneurship is self-determination and the will to pull through.
Among the thick and thin of unemployment, some youths have demonstrated the will power to pull through and shake off this scourge of unemployment.
Today in this column we look at self-determination as one cornerstone of entrepreneurship which has helped other youths to shake off the scourge of unemployment.
Determination which is described as a forceful force to pull through, overcomes this challenge among some youths.
At the junction of Great North and Katima mulilo roads, there is a young woman most probably in her early 20’s selling newspapers.
She is the only female youth among the male folk selling newspapers along that way.
She wakes up early in the morning to collect and sell newspapers. Each time I pass by I smile at her inside myself admiring her resilience of hardwork for her to earn a living.
What I see in this young woman is the will to do it against all odds.
Her determination is blind to the fact that she is a young woman among the young men selling this type of merchandise.
And for sure by doing so, she is able to overcome some financial challenges along the way.
Similarly, early in the morning while lying in my bed I hear a voice calling like in the Biblical story of John the Baptist who was calling in the wilderness for people to repent before Jesus Christ could come.
Except this voice is of a young man which has been pre-recorded in a portable microphone calling on people with used car batteries to avail them to him so that he can buy them.
This voice is constantly calling every morning.
I am so touched and impressed by this hard work from this young man.
What I see in this young man is determination and hard work.
Nowadays in the midst of the so called unemployment most of the unemployed youths have resorted to vices such as beer drinking and stealing.
Most of the time when you pass near bars, the boys are there drinking from morning to sunset.
If all the youths were determined like the ones I have talked about earlier, unemployment could be replaced with self-employment.
I have always admired the determination and the resilience of street vendors.
For instance, on Cairo and Church roads to mention just a few roads, you find determined street vendors with the will power to sell.
They can be tenacious in their persuasion for you to buy their merchandise especially if you show interest.
What I see in those young men is the determination to pull through.
One of them told me that his aim was to raise money for further education while the other said that he was trying to raise capital to do decent business.
These days I see the Chinese men and women all the way from China to come and sell cellphones from one office to another. Their point is the determination to sell against all odds as foreigners and survive the day to day harshness of life.
Last week I called for the interviews for the youth to help me sell my entrepreneurship books from office to office targeting the small business people to help them with business knowledge.
I was shocked at the way the young men and women with back packs declined to take up the opportunity.

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