HH should explain why he picked GBM – Lungu

President Lungu (r) during the programme

President Lungu (r) during the programme

By Tilyenji Mwanza


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has advised Zambians to scrutinize presidential candidates together with their running mates.


And President Lungu has urged Post Newspaper proprietor Fred M’membe to pay his taxes and stop playing victim.


Meanwhile the Head of State has re-echoed his call for peace during this campaign period.


Speaking during a special Hot FM live interview this morning President Lungu who took a swipe at his political adversary Hakainde Hichilema challenged him to explain why he picked GBM as running mate over other deserving candidates.


He said it was very important to view presidential candidates and running mates in their totality.


“That bring me to the question when I was talking to you off the record, are Zambians asking themselves about the presidency because it is not President Edgar Lungu, it is the presidency, Edgar Lungu, Madam Ininge Wina are the presidency,” President Lungu said.


“You ask yourself who is Edgar Lungu, who is Inonge Wina, when you have answers, you say can I trust them. Then you go to see who is Nawakwi, who is Mwanza can i trust them, who is HH who is GBM can I trust them.But talking about HH and his friend, last night I was saying HH has not even explained to his friends in UPND why he preferred GBM over Dr Canius or Mutale Nalumango, we have to explain to the people why we named certain people our running mates, we have a duty to explain to our colleagues in the party.”


And President Lungu has urged M’membe to pay his taxes and not mistake press freedom as tax freedom.


He said during this election period a lot of allegations were being made that he was chocking press freedom, which he said was the contrary because he was a staunch believer in freedom of the press.


“Politics allows people to say and do all sorts of things but i think it is time to be tolerant, some of the things people are saying now, in their quest to be leaders. We should just take it with a pinch of salt and ignore it and say nima politics yama election,”


“But the truth that there is a lot of hot air, like Lungu has done this to freedom of the press ..….I am an advocate of freedom of the press if I wasn’t some media houses would have been closed when I became president, but about the tax, just pay your tax bwana.”


Meanwhile President Lungu has reaffirmed the need for peace during campaign and election period.


He has further instructed police not to practice impartiality to offenders and deal with them irrespective of their political affiliation or political stature.


“I will make sure my political party is peaceful and I will punish and admonish those in my party who do not adhere to this pledge and similarly I request my friend in the opposition to please please prevail on your cadres and officials to maintain peace it is in our interest to co-exist peacefully,” President Lungu said.


“I have said to the police arrest criminals, bam mutoba mafunde,arrest them do not look at the color red or green just arrest the. Arrest PF for breaking the law, arrest MMD for breaking the law, arrest UPND for breaking the law, there should be no sacred cows in this. No sacred cows no sacrificial lambs.”


President Lungu also reaffirmed the Patriotic Fronts development agenda of not only infrastructure development but job creation too.


He said government where in the final stages of repossessing Kawambwa tea which would now be in the supervision of ZAFFICO.


He added that the Patriotic Front would continue embarking on road development irrespective of their critics.


“So the saying Sonta apowabomba is not from without it is part of our engraved existence, in PF we have realised that our job is to provide a consistent environment for our people to prosper. When we open up roads we see the farmers using them, tourists access the facilities, our people access medical facilities,” said President Lungu.


“……A medical doctor is appreciating the roads and am failing to understand how an economist will say you will

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