Airtel Comments On Lee Kawanu’s K200, 000 Talent Search Fund

Kawanu-Airtel LetterMobile telecommunication company Airtel has written FAZ president Andrew Kamanga explaining that their relationship with committee member Lee Kawamu is still cordial despite the official being reported to have swindled the company of K200, 000 through the soccer talent search program – Airtel Raising Stars.

Zambia Reports recently carried an article revealing that the Airtel Raising Star programme was discontinued following discrepancies in the management of funds given to FAZ under the Kalusha Bwalya-led administration. The funds were largely managed by Kawanu as chairperson of the Youth Committee with over K200, 000 unaccounted for.

According to the recent correspondence sent to Zambia Reports by Eugine Phiri, Airtel is distancing itself from being the source of the information of the unaccounted money and claims the relationship with FAZ and Kawamu is cordial.

However, Airtel does not state whether the information carried by Zambia Reports is inaccurate or false. Airtel doesn’t also explain to Kamanga why the program was cancelled.

The letter (right) was sent with a question; Airtel clears Lee Kawanu. What’s your comment? Eugine Phiri

As Zambia Reports, we will leave it hear for now.

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