Southern Province not a bedroom for one political party – Kabimba

Kabimba launching campaigns


Rainbow Party presidential candidate Wynter Kabimba says Southern province is no longer a bedroom for one political party

Featuring on a Special program at Byta FM Radio in Choma on Thursday, June 16th,2016, Kabimba said he was in Southern province to prove that Southern Province is not a bedroom for one party and that Rainbow Party is indeed offering the best alternative government.

“We have come to Southern province to prove that that it is no longer bedroom for one political party, we are here to tell the people that this is an alternative party that they can join,” he said.

He said the Rainbow could be an alternative party that the people of Southern province could join because it had a clear manifesto and social economic policies.

He said the party had vibrant candidates contesting parliamentary and local government seats and they should be voted for during the forthcoming elections.

On the Referendum running concurrently with the elections, Kabimba who is a Lawyer  said his party is  against and advised the people to vote No.

“It would have been better, if the referendum was not running alongside with the elections, the Electoral Commission of Zambia should have created more room for people to understand the referendum question and so that they make an informed decision,” he said.

He expressed confident that his party would form government after the August 11, 2015 because of its clear policies.