FAZ Official, Lee Kawanu, Swindles Airtel

Lee KawanuFootball Association of Zambia executive committee member Lee Kawanu has allegedly swindled Airtel Zambia in amounts exceeding over K200, 000 forcing the mobile telecommunication company to cancel its youth soccer development programme dubbed Airtel Rising Stars.

Sources at Airtel have told Zambia Reports that management at the company is upset with FAZ for failing to uphold accountability and transparency.

The sources say they are held back from sponsoring a youth development programme because FAZ has not shown any concern on its request to account for funds it disbursed for the 2014 competition.

“If you have noticed, the Airtel Rising Stars even was not held last year because we are not comfortable with imprudent management of funds.

“A demand was sent to FAZ for them to act and retire imprest but this was not done. Management is now holding back to invest in football because no one at FAZ is showing concern to account for the money we gave them,” a source said.

A source said Kawanu, who is the FAZ sub-committee youth chairman, was responsible for the funds and is better placed to answer to the concerns.

In the run up to the FAZ elections held in March this year, FAZ president Andrew Kamanga had promised to uphold transparency and accountability in order to retain the confidence of the corporate world. Nearly three months since assuming office, Kamanga is walking in similar paths of his predecessor as there has been no action to audit the FAZ financial statements.

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