“Ministers must be arrested on the day of handover”

Cabinet meeting with Deputy MinistersElectoral Expert McDonald Chipenzi says the Ministers who are still in office illegally should be arrested on the day of handing over.

Chipenzi says:

Shame on these ministers who have deliberately ignored the law though it will soon catch up with them! May be we should even stop calling them ministers but something else!

Anyway, the law of accountability will surely catch up with them after August 11, 2016. It may look as if it is moving slowly but surely the day of reckoning is coming. So if they have conscience, let them resign before they are caught up in the jargon of law when they will get arrested on the day of the hand over to account for the illegal getting of salaries, use of government vehicles, facilities etal.

We should make sure that on the day of handover after August 11, 2016, these ministers should present themselves in persons at their respective Ministries so that catching them for possible prosecution will not be a problem…Police officers should also be stationed in these ministries to avoid bolting of the these ministers and avoid wasting anymore resources chasing them.