Opinion: Battle For MMD’s Heart and Soul

MMDSo what really is there to salvage about the opposition Movement for Multi Party Democracy going into the August 11 elections? Everyone else has been seeing the MMD sinking into the abyss except the senior members in the former ruling party who have each played up their hold on the MMD. Party president Nevers Mumba has not climbed down his high horse to meet his critics within the party and chart a common course but opted for the disaster proven route of autocracy-opting to weed out any dissenting voice.

Out went people like Mwandi Member of Parliament Michael Kaingu, Mumbwa Member of Parliament Brian Chituwo after their call to go for a convention earned them expulsions which they neither recognized nor acknowledged.

Even the flamboyant Dora Siliya who had shown the desire to help keep the MMD afloat by repeatedly staking her frame in defence of the party had to give up at some point as Mumba’s appetite for self destruction proved unquenchable.

Mumba continued his high handed posture until even the remaining band of fairly influential members also rose to call for the convention except this time they were led by Lunte Member of Parliament Felix Mutati.

Even the hitherto loyal lieutenants like Mwansa Mbulakulima, Raphael Nakachinda and Reuben Sambo could not cope with the erstwhile fiery pastor and drifted toward the pro-convention calls leaving Mumba to trudge the lone path.

But even all this did not deter Mumba whose political worth had so dropped that he could only marshal less than 15, 000 votes of the national count in January 2015 to come back to his senses.

He marched on toward Armageddon leaving members to expedite calls for his exit but the former Republican Vice-President stood his ground.

Even his belated call for salvation from former President Rupiah Banda may be a tad too late given that Mumba brings nothing to the table neither political supporters nor financial benefits.

Mumba had before falling out with RB relied on the charity and connections of Banda that his move to rebel against his political benefactor only caused him grief.

Now the Mumba faction claims to have one foot in the elections, having paid 50% of the nomination fee, hoping to go on the MMD banner, with the Mutati camp off to Kabwe this weekend to elect a new president, complicating the fight for the heart and soul of the former mighty blue party.

What will become of the MMD after the August 11 elections is everybody’s guess. Not even the lessons of UNIP has been enough to jolt the MMD into a sense of self assessment and their actions can only end one way. There is little doubt that the MMD is headed for the political dustbin of history at least under Mumba.

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