Current leadership uninspiring- OYV

President Lungu

President Lungu

The current leadership does not inspire confidence as it seems to be in a hurry to make money and secure themselves at the expense of Zambians, the Operation Young Vote (OVY) has charged.

The youth organisation regrets that the status quo seems to suggest that the country is either being mismanaged to the core or is running on auto pilot.

OYV executive director Guess Nyirenda notes that the corruption allegations, in-fighting, hate speech, bickering, uncoordinated and little or even lack of responses to the challenges that Zambians are faced with leaves a lot to be desired.

“The leadership in Zambia is not proactive but very reactive. It is sad that even the issues that they react to – and quickly at that – are those that deal with those with divergent views from theirs with an iron fist,” Nyirenda said in a media statement, “It is clear that the current leadership is not concerned about the plight and welfare of the citizens.”

“The PF is very swift at deregistering and intimidate political parties and civil society organizations that express divergent views from theirs but very slow at resolving maize and mealie meal scams, gruesome ritual killings and other evils. Why is it that the Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyata immediately moves on the scene the moment a building collapses and citizens are killed whereas it takes demands and appeals for the Zambian President Mr. Edgar Lungu to say something on the ritual killings until it happens the 4th or 5th time,” he added.

Nyirenda says his organisation is of the conviction that the kind of leadership in the PF in this age and era is not only not inspiring but also detrimental to the country’s recovery from its challenges and eventual success in its citizens’ economic emancipation.

“For Zambia to recover from the poverty levels and economic downturn it finds itself in due to poor and visionless leadership it requires massive sacrifice by all. This will be ignited by a leadership that inspires confidence in the citizens who will in turn feel obliged to sacrifice and participate in rebuilding the economy and the country as a whole,.

“The aforementioned matters seriously compel OYV to demand that the PF recollects and put their house in order or they pave way for the focused citizens to take over the running of the country.”